Friday, April 7, 2017

Week 82 My Last Miracle Week!!

This week I was praying for more opportunities to find more people to introduce the gospel to. We dedicated a few hours each day to going door knocking and finding on the streets. But no one had any interest. And then I started praying for God's will and that He would guide us to do what He needed us to do. We were blessed to find a couple, they opened the door and said, "You are back!!" We are so happy to see you!!" I was a bit scared that we had met them before and forgot all about them, but then they told us about how elders came a few years ago, and that they lost contact and were wondering when missionaries would come back. And so they were really happy to see us again. That was a huge miracle to me. I knew then that God had answered my prayers. He knew where we needed to go and when. We also met a man that day that also wanted to learn more! It was a great day!!
    The following day we went door knocking again in the evening and met a man outside his home and we told him we were missionaries and why we were here. We asked him if there was anything we could do for him. We talked to him about serving others and family. In Cyprus and Greece family is very important. They usually all live together in their homes. Grandparents and great grandparents and all the kids. And they are all close. So, he was telling us about how he has a two apartment house and that he lives with his parents on the first floor and his sister and her children above him. And as we asked him if there was anything we could do for him or help him in anyway. He was shocked at first and then he started thinking of some ideas. And told us we could come tomorrow and help him bring some of his sister's things down to his home, because she will renovate the home. We were so happy to be able to serve him and his family. So, the next day with the elders we went and helped move all of the things down to his house and the family loved talking to us and seeing us help. We were then invited to have lunch with them :) And that was when he started having questions about the church. After lunch we had a combined lesson with the elders on the Restoration. It was amazing!!! It was just a massive blessing to see God prepare His people!! On Sunday we had testimony meeting and that was very good!! We got to take pictures with everyone and say goodbye!
    I just want to share my testimony of the Savior. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that He lives! This is His church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know it is true! I know with all my heart that we can come closer to Him through the scriptures and prayer! I know that as we do the things He has asked us to do we will feel His love! I have felt it. I know He loves you all!! I am grateful for this mission! I have learned a lot!! I know He is the true source of happiness! Follow Him:)
I love you all,
Sister Ramsay

We went to the church of Saint Lazarus on Pday. We also went to play Volleyball on the beach with the elders and a bunch of people started to join us. It was a lot of fun!
District meeting
Member visits (Antonia,Maria + Anastasia)
Fatemeh and Leah!
We got to see Joan!
April fools from the elders.
April fools from us to the elders. haha We won.
All the members at church.
And dinner at Leah's house. We ate from Banana leaves and with our hands. She was showing us a tradition they do in the Philippines. It was really cool!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Zone Conference

Week 81

How is everyone doing?
This week we got to visit Fatemeh and she was really happy to see us! We invited her to all the activities and she came! We also were invited to lunch at Panagiotis' house and that was really nice! On Thursday we went to Limassol with President and the Assistants. We had our interviews up there! And then we got to be with the other Limassol sisters and Sister Heder. We did finding together with the Poster of Jesus Christ. And we had dinner together and a mini Sister's Conference. It was really nice! We also met a man from Greece and got to share with him the Book of Mormon and it was really cool experience being able to share our testimonies all together as sisters with him. On Friday we had Zone conference. And that was amazing!! It was one of the most spiritual conferences I have ever been to. Everyone felt the spirit soo strongly. Many tears. It was beautiful. We also had the final testimonies of those leaving. So, I got to bear my testimony and two of senior couples. It was really a touching moment. After the Conference we went to see Rumi and she made us dinner and we shared a spiritual thought and it was really wonderful. She started sharing some really touching stories about how God has blessed her in her life. The spirit was there!
On Saturday it was the Greece and Cyprus Independence Day. So, we had a BBQ (Souflaki--chicken kebabs) with the whole branch. It was really fun!! Anastasia and Maria came!! It was soo nice seeing them there and getting to know the other members!
We also had a lesson that day with a man named Michael in our old building. We had the lesson with Rosie and it was really fascinating getting to know him and his story. He is Cypriot, but lived in Norway and Australia. So, he has a Australian accent in English. Its fun!
We also had family history class and that was a great turn out! Arxileas loved it again! And Laoura did it with us too! That was cool! We invited her to family home evening tonight with her family!!
On Sunday I gave a talk. We went with Marcel and Panagiotis and Georgia to the beach to do beach contacting. There were many people there! It was a great day!
We also got to see Joan on Sunday. She was really happy to see us again. She had just came back from Thailand. We got to talk to her about the Savior. It was really great seeing her again!
We had a great week! I hope you all are doing fabulous!!
Love ya,
Sister Ramsay